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Corporate Office Cleaning: Choosing Between Day and After-Hours Cleaning

Finding the right time to schedule office cleaning can be a tricky affair. While day cleaning has been the most popular choice over the years, it may not always work for some corporate setups today. That's why cleaning companies have come with the option of after-hours cleaning where office cleaning tasks are performed after work hours.

How do you choose the best option between the two? Here is a detailed comparison to guide you:

Work Disruptions

Office cleaning can present a lot of disruptions that can interfere with normal operations and the productivity of employees. For example, a cleaner operating a noisy vacuum in the open office space may not be an ideal situation. Similarly, workers may be forced to tiptoe on wet floors when moving from one location to another, leaving dirty marks which cleaners have to mop again.

If the nature of the cleanings is bound to cause disruptions in the office, after-hours cleaning may be an ideal option. However, you can employ a mix of both options depending on the cleaning tasks. For example, mopping and dusting tasks can be done during the day while noisy jobs such as vacuuming rugs and carpets should be scheduled after work hours.

Safety Considerations

Some cleaning operations require the use of chemicals and products that emit toxic fumes. For example, cleaning agents that contain bleach or acids produce pungent smells that are harmful to people. Some of these cleaning solutions are necessary to eliminate hard stains and marks on flooring, sinks and toilets.

While the cleaners will wear protective masks and eyewear, your workers won't. Therefore, you should carry out such cleaning tasks when workers are away to keep them safe. Alternatively, ask your cleaning company to stick to green cleaning products that do not emit harmful fumes and are safe for the environment.

Labour Costs

Since day cleaning is the most popular form of cleaning offered by most companies, it is also the most affordable. Most employees work day shifts, making it easier for cleaning firms to deploy a crew to clean your office during the day. On the other hand, night cleaners usually require an incentive that comes in the form of higher pay.

The extra cost of hiring night cleaners is transferred to you, and this increases the cost of after-hours cleaning. However, you can keep the cost low by scheduling most cleaning tasks during the day. Leave duties such as carpet cleaning and vacuuming for the evening, and you will pay less in billable labour hours compared to if you did the entire cleaning at night.

When it comes to choosing between day and after-hours cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Consider mixing up the two to suit your office needs and ensure the safety of your workers and clients. For more information, contact a corporate office cleaning service in your area today.