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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Mary. I love to write, and I know a lot about landscaping from personal experience. As a result, when I decided to create a blog, it just made sense to write about landscaping. Over the years, I have done everything from building retaining walls to making fairy gardens, and in this blog, I plan to include a unique range of articles on a plethora of landscaping topics. My hope is that these posts will inspire you to improve your landscaping and make your home feel more welcoming. Please, stay and read as long as you like, and if any of my posts move you, I invite you to share them.

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Landscaping a Japanese Garden: 4 Top Tips

If you want to create a Japanese style garden, you may be looking for more info. This article provides some inspiration and tips to get started.

1. Choose the right location for your garden 

Firstly, it is essential to choose a good spot for your Japanese garden. While you can use any flat surface, areas with terraces or decks are great because they provide uninterrupted views of the garden and keep you from having to cut grass all year round. If you do not have a deck or terrace, a good alternative is to build a raised stone bed. Ideally, your Japanese garden should be located in a quiet spot where you can enjoy the beauty and calmness of the landscape without distractions or disruptions. Also, make sure that you have adequate sunlight for the plants you choose to plant.

2. Add plants and trees that look great in a Japanese garden

There are many different options to choose from when deciding what plants to use during your landscaping. For example, some traditional Japanese plants include willow trees, bamboo stalks, Japanese maple trees, and irises. However, if you want to expand the range of plants, you could add a twist by planting lilac trees, deutzia shrubs, or common dogwoods.

3. Use stones, gravel, and sand to create a Zen-like atmosphere

As well as Japanese plant life, you will also need to include stones and gravel to create an authentic look. When landscaping with rocks, start by using larger stones to outline pathways and borders in front of your design. These large stepping stones will also form an easy path to get around your landscape area, so make sure you can easily navigate them. Around these large border steppingstones, use finer gravels and sands to fill any spots with not much natural stone. Then consider adding small river rocks along the border and throughout the landscape. Rocks and pebbles come in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so you can mix them up however you like or use them individually for a more dramatic effect.

4. Install a water feature to complete the look

If you want to enjoy the relaxing sound of running water in your Japanese garden, consider installing a babbling brook or even an indoor fountain. The soothing noise will add another zen-like element and help attract wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

For more info, contact a landscape supplies company today.